Supporting Multi-Industries :

Aircraft Tools, GSE & Parts,

Thickness-Gauge Scanners,


and more.


we Design and Manufacture Tools for Aircraft Maintenance.


our Customers are MROs and Component-Shops,

who are looking to extend their Maintenance Capabilities.


Tooling Issues are effectively addressed by our Team.

Quality-Assurance is personal to us.


our Engineers

have more than 20-years experience, individually.


User-Experience constantly improve our efforts.

our Tools are supplied with Technical DataSheets.


our range of Tools is extensive

and includes Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Tools such as

Seal-installation Tools

Torque-Adapters and Wrenches

Extractors and Installation Tools

DisAssembly and Assembly Fixtures

Test Fixtures and Blocks

Electronic Test-Boxes


our Tools

are also applicable to AirFrames and Components such as

General Electric cfm56 Engine

IAE v2500 Engine

Pratt and Whitney pw2000 and PT6 Engines

Boeing Aircrafts

AirBus Aircrafts



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 sam devaraj.

 Singapore Tel : [+65] 6757-4616.

 or mobile [+65] 8141-2268.
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